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Universal nos invita a recibir el año del Chancho a pura diversión

Universal nos invita a recibir el año del Chancho a pura diversión

Universal Studios Hollywood Celebra el Año Nuevo Chino y el “Año del Cerdo” con Po y Tigress de Kung Fu Panda de DreamWorks, el Noodle Shop de Mr. Ping, MEGATRON de Transformers que habla Mandarín y Hello Kitty, luciendo un vestuario diseñado para el Año Nuevo Lunar. Desde […]

Recibir el Año Nuevo en Universal Studios Hollywood

Recibir el Año Nuevo en Universal Studios Hollywood

Para todos aquellos que pasan las fiestas en LA… Aquellos que tenemos las familias en nuestros países y se nos hace imposible viajar. Aquellos que llegaron hace poco y no conocen mucha gente pero no quieren recibir el nuevo año solos en un departamento. O […]

Oscars 2019: “Ian” in the Best Animated Feature race at 91st Academy Awards

Oscars 2019: “Ian” in the Best Animated Feature race at 91st Academy Awards

The problems it reflects involve all of us as a society and we must be encouraged to look if we want to achieve a real transformation.

The doors of Hollywood were opened to present an animated short film with a message of love and inclusion “Ian, a story that will mobilize us”.

It is not just any story, it is the real story of Sheila Graschinsky, a mother who together with her son with chronic non-evolutionary encephalopathy (which influences his mobility and language), are looking for recognition of his rightful place in society. A society that does not seem to be prepared, yet, for what it considers different.

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#IAN | Sobre el libro "IAN, mirar más allá" de Sheila Graschinsky y Gastón Gorali: Ian es un niño que tiene una discapacidad motriz. Quiere jugar con los otros niños en el parque pero una fuerza que no puede dominar se lo impide, lo aparta de los demás y lo obliga a permanecer al margen. Pero Ian no va a dejarse vencer y va a luchar para ser aceptado e incluido. Este libro ilustrado aborda la problemática de la parálisis cerebral. Será una buena herramienta para generar mayor conciencia, dialogar en familia y buscar una sociedad más comprensiva e inclusiva ante la discapacidad. Seguimos dando grandes pasos hacia la inclusión. #Igualdad #Discapacidad #Oportunidades #Conciencia #FundacionIan #MirarMasAlla #Inclusion

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The purpose of the short film is to raise awareness about social inclusion. Knowing that it is the experience of a nine-year-old boy and his mother is even more moving. Listening to the mother, understanding the reasons why people like Juan José Campanella and his entire “MundoLoco” team decided to get involved makes sense. It is impossible to hear the story from Sheila’s voice and not understand the brutal force full of love that mobilizes her and leads her to fight for the change we all need.

Sheila, her husband and Ian’s three siblings decided to transform pain into action and love. She studied Social Communication but left her career behind to find a space for her son and boys like him to seek to improve the quality of life for families growing up with a loved one with a disability. This is how Fundación IAN was born.

Sheila says that one day, while taking Ian to his rehabilitation therapy, they passed in front of a school, and the boys from the fence mocked the disability of the little boy who at that time was six years old.

The mixture of feelings and frustration of his mother in the face of that panorama is logical to expect and she says that one day she decided to come and talk to the directors of the school, who told her that there was no material available to the students that would explain the importance of inclusion.

Ian and his mon.

“I understood that they didn’t have the tools or information to understand how kids like Ian need help to play and explore the world. And not knowing generates fear, rejection, prejudice and discrimination.

Mother and son decided to take matters into their own hands and show other children what it is like to live with disabilities and generate concrete tools for inclusion. Then they wrote the story “The Gift”. Thanks to the repercussions and the way in which those who read it changed their attitude, they went even further and knocked on the doors of the universe and the heart of “MundoLoco”.


About the film

Mundo Loco” is the production company that put in images the deep feelings behind the story. Under the production of Gastón Gorali and the direction of Abel Goldfarb, this production was made with a combination of 3D animation and Stop Motion, has real models, but with the particularity that they were made with recyclable material.

A wonderful feature of the film is that they do not use dialogues to express the feelings of children, which makes it even more inclusive, all people regardless of language, race, color or flag will be able to understand the message of love you want to give.

Juan José Campanella, pointed out that for him the most important thing is that the short be spread: “that parents see it with their children, that it has an impact on society. In addition, he spoke in favor of “inclusion” and pointed out that the “bullying” that today spreads in different sectors of society and that he himself suffered in adolescence, “multiplies when the person is defenseless or when he has some kind of physical disability.

Acknowledgements that the short has already received

  • LA Shorts International Films Festival with the “Best Animation” award
  • International Independent Film Awards 2018 with the Platinum Winner Award
  • The Accolade Competition of “Best Short Film”.
  • Fundación IAN was recognized by Nickelodeon Latin America with the Pro Social Award at the Kids Choice Awards Argentina 2018 for its work for a more inclusive society.
  • Chelsea Film Festival with a special mention
  • “Best Animation” at Delhi Shorts International Film Festival in India

Beyond the awards, next November 30, “Ian” is about to become the first short film that will be broadcast simultaneously by several channels, including those competing against each other for time and rating, in pursuit of bringing home a message of inclusion. The participating channels are Disney Junior, Cartoon Network, Discovery Kids, Nickelodeon, PakaPaka and Youtube Kids.

Maybe it’s ignorance, maybe it’s fear of the unknown, that’s why this short film is an opportunity for all of us to become aware as part of a world that seeks to break down barriers, walls, and free us from prejudices. Inclusion, we say to something that should be natural as the right we all hope to have. The problems it reflects involve all of us as a society and we must be encouraged to look if we want to achieve a real transformation.



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